Saturday, April 12, 2008

God's Answer to Prayer . . . May Be Me!

Are you familiar with Rob Bell? He is a fantastic preacher. He has put together a series of videos where he is shown presenting a Biblical message in rather unconventional settings and ways. The NOOMA series is powerful. I look forward to each new video (I have all 19 on DVD).

In the latest NOOMA video, entitled "Open," Rob Bell speaks about prayer, specifically the subject of "unanswered prayer." He offers one line that struck me as particularly powerful. He said, "Don't pray for God to feed the hungry if you have plenty to eat." His point was that in many cases you and I might very well be the answer to the prayers we offer to God.

Don't pray for God to feed the hungry if you have plenty to eat. I'll be thinking a lot about these words and the message behind them during this upcoming week. I am often quick to overlook the ways in which I can be a blessing to the lives of others. I, like many, get too caught up in my own life to see the needs of others. My life is not to be lived to self, it is to be given as an offering to God and used in service to others. That is why I am here. That is why you are here.