Friday, April 4, 2008

Iced Tea

On Monday, it was Braum's. Today, it is Rosa's. My road trip has taken me away from the land of Braum's (Oklahoma and Kansas) to Lubbock and the home of Rosa's. (Of course, Rosa's originated in Odessa, Tex., and you can now find them throughout Texas, but I will always think of Rosa's and Lubbock in the same context!).

I love Rosa's. Any trip to Lubbock is incomplete without a stop at Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla factory. Why do I love Rosa's so much? Iced Tea. Salsa. Fajitas. And, bean burritos. In that order.

I don't know what it is about Rosa's iced tea, but it is simply the best. I'm an iced connoisseur (if there's such a thing!) . . . I drink 3-4 gallons of the stuff . . . every day! And, Rosa's iced tea is second to none.

The medio caliente salsa at Rosa's is terrific. A large chips and salsa is a meal to itself, especially if you add a side of guacamole.

Fajitas! Beef fajitas! Not as good as On the Border or Abuelos, but for the price, they can't be beat at Rosa's. If only, Rosa's would have a Fajita night to pair with Taco Tuesdays!

And, lest I forget the bean burritos. They're not my personal favorite, but my three daughters love them. There are very few places where all of my girls love to eat without question. The bean burritos at Rosa's get three cheers every time.

Okay, enough of the Rosa's commercial. Perhaps the management will stumble across my blog and offer me free fajitas as compensation for the plug!