Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It is good to be home!

I have returned to Gallup after spending the past 20 days on the road, traveling from place to place sharing the news about Manuelito Navajo Children's Home . . . and squeezing some good time in with family and friends along the way.

Let me recap. In the past 20 days, I have:
  • Visited 6 states (New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado)
  • "Lived" in 3 time zones (MST, CST & Arizona, which does not recognize DST)
  • Driven 4,744 miles
  • Spent $937.69 on fuel and service
  • Experienced the ecstasy of 20.56 mpg on March 25 (and when you're driving a V8 Ford Explorer . . . that's fantastic!). Of course, I also endured 14.66 mpg on April 4-5 . . . ugh!
  • Found that the cheapest gasoline from Phoenix to Tulsa was actually in Phoenix and Tulsa; the most expensive was in Red Mesa, Colorado ($3.57 for 85 octane unleaded).
  • Dined at Braum's 9 times, at Cracker Barrel 8 times, and Rosa's 5 times. I also visited dozens of other eating establishments.
  • Climbed to 8,900 feet elevation (at Cloudcroft, N. Mex.) and descended to 744 feet above sea level (at Tulsa).
  • Spoke to 4 congregations and worshiped with a few more.
  • Saw many good friends I had not seen in a long time.

Did I tell you it was snowing in Gallup, at the moment? April 8 and snow . . . thunder snow! You gotta love western New Mexico!