Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the Road Again

My travels have brought me to the old, rustic Cascade Lodge in the San Juan National Forest south of Silverton, Colorado. The 14th annual Workshop in the Word is hosted here. The workshop is put on by Guy Orbison of the Durango Church of Christ each year and is a seminar for preachers. This is the third I have attended and look forward to it each year. Guy is a god friend and teacher. I will post pictures on Saturday (the next time I will have Internet access).
The photo above was taken two years ago from the porch of the old Cascade Lodge. The difference this year . . . imagine it all in white! I'll have updated photos posted on Saturday night . . . after I arrive in sunny Phoenix.

As I travel, I listen to lots of music (and to healthy does of Rush Limbaugh and sports talk radio!). I haven't caught up to the I-Pod era, so I still relay on my old CD's. I'm proud of the collection I have amassed over the years, and my music interests are quite broad. There was a time in my life that I listened only to Rock (and by the way anything released since 1985 is hardly Rock in my book . . . why 1985? Journey broke up that year :-). But, in my old age (of 37 years!), I have bcome a fan of country music, particularly country music that sounds country and doesn't try to imitate Pop. If I wanted to listed to Pop . . . well, I might just drive off a cliff instead :-). The pain would end a lot quicker!!!

Here is my playlist over the past few days:

Pink Floyd


Rhonda Vincent

Led Zeppelin


Willie Nelson

Michael W. Smith

Charlie Daniels

What music do you listen to when you drive?