Monday, April 28, 2008

A Rude Welcome!

Does this sign say, "Welcome to California!"? I must say I was a bit taken back by having to shell out $72.37 to fill the tank of my Explorer today . . . and it wasn't even on empty!

However, that aside, I am excited to be in California and am looking forward to spending the next few days at Pepperdine University. Before I left Phoenix today, I drove around the new home of the Phoenix Cardinals. I am impressed, especially with the open-air mall that is adjacent to the stadium. Too bad the Cardinals will never be a winner. They've been in the NFL since the 1920's, and you can count their alltime playoff wins on one hand! But, they've got a great looking stadium! I guess they can hang their hat on that . . . and look forward to October 12 when fans of the visiting team will fill 3/4 of the stadium. That team? America's Team, of course . . . I want a ticket!
I drove by Joshua Tree National Park today. I di dnot have time to explore, but I did play some U-2 in homage! I also enjoyed some Johnny Cash, Ricky Sckaggs, and Rush "Operation Chaos" Limbaugh.