Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Blessing of Reunions

I was blessed today with two reunions.

Earlier today, I had lunch with some special friends, Khris and Lara Rogers. I had not seen them in many, many years. Khris and I were in Kindergarten together . . . 33 years ago! and spent most of our schooling together, all the way through college. We're among the select few that can say we started Kindergarten at the same school from which we graduated college! We're alumni of Lubbock Christian Schools and Lubbock Christian University.

Tonight, I received an e-mail from a dear friend, Eddie Stegall. We had not communicated in several years. Eddie and his family are some of my favorite people that I have been blessed to meet along my life's journey. They have a spirit that thirsts for God that I have found so encouraging over the years. Eddie's parents are two of the most Godly, and fun-loving people you could ever know. When I think of what an elder of the church is to be, my mind immediately goes to Ed Stegall, a true shepherd, even though he's been "retired" from the position for many years :-).

These two reunions have brought a lot of encouragement to me today and reminded me how blessed I have been in life. I am a wealthy man; not materially, but in terms of all the wonderful relationships God has brought my way. People are the true riches in this life.

I have not always been the best at relationships. I too often get caught up in my own little world, my concerns, my work, my interests, and I don't invest the time and attention in other people as I should. I'll be quite candid, though, having lost the most special of relationships, as I have in this past year, has reemphasized to me the great value of those people that God has brought into my life and has made me want to do all I can to strengthen and nurture and treasure those friendships I have.