Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello Walls (and I'm not talking Farron Young)

(I wrote these words on Friday.)

I am sitting in the historic Cascade Lodge. This old building sits on a flank of Engineer Mountain in the San Juan National Forest south of Silverton, Colorado. This cabin was built in 1928 as a summer camp facility for the Boy Scouts. For the past couple of decades it has been preserved by a group from Durango and used as a retreat facility. It is a beautiful old building with a lot of character.

As I sit here, my mind drifts back thought the years to envision all those who have come to this place for rest and relaxation, a respite from their busy lives. How many people have walked through these doors and enjoyed the rustic charm of this mountain lodge? I suppose there is no way of knowing for certain. If only these walls could talk and share the stories of times and experiences gone by.

This thought has expanded my thinking beyond these walls to the walls of my house and the thought, "If the walls of my house could talk, would I be comfortable and proud of what they would say?" And, how about the walls of your home? Would you be at ease with what they would communicate to the curious? The question is really focused on whether or not our inner lives (what we do in "secret" and out of view of most) agrees and is consistent with our public persona?

Who is that said, "Integrity is what you do in the dark"?


Another day (Sunday) spent in Phoenix. This is my fifth visit to this city in the past 2 years (and the fifth in my entire life!). I am more impressed with this place with each visit. I have found Phoenix and its metropolitan area to be the cleanest big city of any I have visited (and I've been to many in our country). The road system in Phoenix is second to none. Get past the heat (94 degrees today!), and this is a wonderful place. But, with very low humidity, the heat is bearable.

I had a very blessed day. I worshiped with two congregations today and had the blessing to speak to both. I was with the Northside church in Phoenix this morning and the Alma School Road congregation in Chandler this evening. Both congregations are so friendly and deeply spiritual. And both showed great interest in Manuelito Navajo Children' Home. God is good.

My day was made even more complete with visits to Cracker Barrel, Serrano's, and Fuddruckers . . . three of my all-time favorite restaurants. If only Phoenix had a Braum's (a double-decker waffle cone would have been the perfect nightcap!) . . . but, they do have Cold Stone Creamery . . . but, lo, I showed restraint and skipped desert!

The two photos below were taken yesterday on my trip from Colorado to Phoenix. I took a short detour through southeastern Utah and enjoyed the sights of Monument Valley . . . made famous by John Wayne and Wylie E. Coyote. The first picture is of the Mexican Hat . . . Michaelangelo has nothing on the greatest sculptor of all . . . our Awesome God! The second picture is of the northern gateway to Monument Valley.

I'm off to Malibu, California tomorrow and the beautiful campus of Pepperdine University. Expect some photos of the beach!